[oXygen-user] Default folder for images

Lizzi, Vincent Vincent.Lizzi at taylorandfrancis.com
Thu Dec 19 13:15:19 CST 2013

If you're trying to achieve image display in Author mode you can use oXygen's CSS extensions modify the location of the image file. This is working for me.

All images are stored in a folder named "graphic" that is relative to the location of the XML file. References to image files use a graphic element that contains the file name in an xlink:href attribute, for example:

<graphic xlink:href="image.tif"/>

Then in Author mode CSS I've defined how the graphic element should be displayed and where to locate the file, for example:

graphic {
  content: oxy_url(oxy_parent-url(attr(xlink|href, url)),"graphic/",attr(xlink|href));
  vertical-align: middle }

This example is not DITA. You might need to change the element and attribute names to something like this:

image {
  content: oxy_url(oxy_parent-url(attr(href, url)),"graphic/",attr(href));
  vertical-align: middle }

and change the folder path for your system. I hope this helps.


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