[oXygen-user] Default folder for images

Nathan vrveerar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 17:20:28 CST 2013

  I am currently moving from Arbortext to Oxygen and I have a bunch of DITA
XMLs which have a fixed path for img src attributes (Arbortext allows one
to set such folder locations in the preferences for inline display). These
paths are not valid (what can I say, I used Arbortext ;-)) and I am trying
to move away from this practice by converting it in to relative paths.
  In the meantime, is there any thing I can do to make this valid. I have
looked at some options including:

   - Change path using the ChangeAttribute Author default operation
   (Question, is there any the operation can be triggered on document open in
   OxygenXML Author).
   - Using the Java API (Again, any way this trigger this on document open)

Is there a better way to do this?


PS: I am using Oxygen 15
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