[oXygen-user] webhelp search not finding some words

Sorin Ristache sorin at sync.ro
Mon Apr 29 02:40:20 CDT 2013


I am trying to reproduce the problem in Oxygen 14.2 with a small sample 
DITA map but I cannot do that. Did you enable stemming in the Webhelp 
transformation with the use.stemming parameter? I tried with both 
values, "yes" and "no".

Can the search find other words (any other words)? If not, it is 
probably a JavaScript syntax error in the JavaScript files with the 
indexed words, although I cannot imagine how it could get in that state.

Please can you send us some sample files for reproducing the problem? If 
you can send both the source DITA XML files and the output Webhelp files 
that would be great. If the fileset is large (larger than 2 or 3 MB) you 
can send it through our online form for reporting problems/bugs:


Thank you,

Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> We are testing the webhelp feature of Oxygen 14.2. Mostly it seems 
> really good. The search feature seems great: fast, no server-side 
> requirements, hightlighting, etc.
> But in quick testing we have found a few words that are in the content 
> that don't turn up in search results: 'dashboard', 'account', 'define' 
> and 'definition'. The words are in topics and generated index files seem 
> to properly include the terms (index-1.js, htmlFileInfoList.js).
> Anyone know what could be going on?
> We are a little worried as we don't know how widespread the problem may be.

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