[oXygen-user] [ann] [beta] oXygen XML Editor version 14 beta is available for testing

George Cristian Bina george at oxygenxml.com
Fri May 18 08:53:28 CDT 2012

Dear oXygen users,

We are happy to announce that version 14 of oXygen XML Editor is almost 
ready for release. Because the new version introduces many new features, 
we decided to release this beta version and thus have the chance to 
receive your early feedback before the final release.
Some of these new features will be presented at the oXygen Users Meetup 
in Paris, June 11:

Please see below for:
* oXygen 14 beta download information
* a license key for testing
* a summary of the most important additions/new features in version 14

= Download =

You can download version 14 beta for your platform from
Please install this side by side with your current oXygen installation.

= License key =

License key for version 14 beta


Registration_Name=oxygen 14 beta user



Component=XML-Editor, XSLT-Debugger, Saxon-SA







= Main additions/new features in version 14 =

     *Support for plugin and framework repositories*
     *Updates on Transformation and Validation scenarios*
     *EPUB 3.0*
     *Master files*
     *XSLT Unit Test*
     *XSLT 3.0*
     *Improved support for MarkLogic*
     *CTRL/CMD + click navigation*
     *In-place rename*
     *XPath/XQuery builder*
     *Change tracking and comment callouts*
     *Improved table editing*
     *New feedback-enabled WebHelp output for DITA*
     *Discontinuous selection*
     *XPath filter for Find/Replace in Author mode*
     *Author mode used for selecting DITA conref target elements*
     *Find and replace improvements*
     *Search results highlighted in editors*
     *Improved JavaScript support*
     *Updated Saxon-EE to its latest version*

= General =

*Plugin and framework repositories*
As a developer you will be able to distribute your plugins and 
frameworks to users by placing them in a repository and publish that on 
your website. When you update your plugins or frameworks the users will 
be notified that a new version is available and they will have the 
option to update automatically to that new version.
As a user, you can easily install new plugins and frameworks by just 
pointing oXygen with a URL to a repository. You will be able to browse 
available plugins and frameworks and select the ones you want to install.

*Updates on Transformation and Validation scenarios*
- Added the possibility to associate and execute multiple scenarios
- Redesigned the transformation scenarios view and transformation and 
validation scenarios dialogs
- Improved the management of the global, project and document type scenarios
- Import and export operations

*EPUB 3.0*
The EPUB support was updated to include validation for EPUB 3.0 files.

= Development =

*Master files*
In version 14 oXygen introduces a new innovative concept called "Master 
files" which simplifies the configuration and development of XML 
projects. The Master Files are defined at project level and are 
automatically used by oXygen to determine the context for operations 
such as validation, content-completion, refactoring or search for XSD, 
XSL and RNG modules. A "Master" file generally means the root of an 
import/include tree of modules.
* Benefits:
   - When a module is validated oXygen will automatically identify the 
master files which include that module and it validates all of them, 
thus the module will be validated in the context it is used from. You 
will see from this how a change in that module affects your whole project.
   - When you edit a module the Outline view and the content completion 
will present all the components collected starting from the Master files 
which include that module, thus you get to see all the referable 
components even if they are defined in the main file or in other modules.
   - Search and refactoring actions, like search references or rename 
components operate by default on the scope defined by the Master Files
* How to define the Master Files:
  - Drop files in the "Master Files" logical folder in the project
  - Use the "Add to Master Files" contextual menu action on a file that 
you want to mark as Master file
  - Use the "Add Files" contextual menu action available on the "Master 
File" logical folder
* Best practices defining Master Files:
  - Add only the top level files, the ones which are the roots of the 
include/import graph
  - Keep the file set to a minimum. Do not add standalone files (the 
ones which do not import or include other files). Adding too many files 
may affect performance

*XSLT Unit Test*
oXygen 14 comes with XSpec to provide XSLT Unit Test support. You can 
easily create a test for an XSLT stylesheet by triggering the New -> 
XSLT Unit Test action from the contextual menu of the Project View when 
the selection is an XSLT stylesheet that you want to test. This will 
automatically generate an XSpec stub with the templates and functions 
from that stylesheet that you want to test. The editing of the XSpec is 
then assisted with content completion and a default transformation 
scenario is set on XSpec files which run the tests, generating as output 
the test report, so all you need to do to run your tests is to click on 
the "Apply transformation" button.

*XSLT 3.0*
If an XSLT stylesheet has the version attribute set to 3.0 then the XSLT 
3.0 support will be enabled automatically providing
- content completion for XSLT 3.0
- transformations and XSLT validation
- updated Outline view and the search and refactoring actions to handle 
3.0 additions

*Improved support for MarkLogic*
The support for developing XML and XQuery applications with MarkLogic 
was improved in many areas.
- Remote debugging support
- Remote editing
- Improved XQuery validation

*CTRL/CMD + click navigation*
By pressing CTRL (CMD on Mac) in an XSL/XSD/RNG editor the components 
will become links where you can easily navigate to that component's 
definition by clicking on that link.

*In-place rename*
The rename action on components in the current file will perform an 
in-place rename. There is no additional dialog, the component is 
highlighted in the editor to mark that you are in rename mode and the 
rename is performed as you type.

*XPath/XQuery builder*
The XPath builder view was redesigned and it was extended to provide 
also XQuery support resulting in the new XPath/XQuery Builder. Some of 
the new additions are
  - history and favorites
  - evaluate as you type
  - expression error checking

= Authoring =

*Change tracking and comment callouts*
The annotations/comments are presented in callouts next to the editing 
area, thus making it easy to collaborate on document editing and review. 
The callouts can be configured to present changes (insertions or 
deletions) as well as additional information e.g. the changed content or 
the date when that change or comment was created.

*Improved table editing*
Support for selecting columns and rows and moving them with drag and 
drop or cut/copy/paste actions.
Delete on table selection removes only the values, the structure should 
be modified using the table specific actions, delete row, column, etc.

*New feedback-enabled WebHelp output for DITA*
By configuring a couple of parameters you can generate feedback-enabled 
webhelp. A sample feedback-enabled webhelp is available on our website:

*Discontinuous selection*
It is possible to select multiple text ranges (discontinuous selection) 
or multiple elements in the Author page and cut/copy/paste them.

*XPath filter for Find/Replace in Author mode*
The XPath filter which was available only in Text mode is now available 
in the visual editing (Author) mode.

*Author mode used for selecting conref target elements*
The insertion of a DITA conref is easier as oXygen presents the target 
elements rendered through its Author mode, not the XML source, so you 
can preview the content you conref to as you create that conref.

= Other =

*Find and replace improvements*
- Preview for "Replace all in Files"
- Multi line support for "Find Replace in Files"

*Search results highlighted in editors*
The results of the XPath, Find, Search References/Declarations 
operations are highlighted in the editor and marked in the side bar, in 
both author and text mode.

*Improved JavaScript support*
Content Completion, Outliner and Validation for the JS script files.

*Updated Saxon-EE to its latest version*
oXygen is shipped with the latest Saxon Enterprise Edition, version

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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