[oXygen-user] Buffer-related questions (when opened from plugin)

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Fri Jun 15 09:13:42 CDT 2012

Oxygen XML Editor Support 

> "PluginWorkspace.getCurrentEditorAccess(int)" returns each time
> a new wrapper object over our internal implementation

  Ok I see, thanks!

>> Is there any way to open a file in read-only using the API?
>> Other than creating a dedicated WSEditorChangeListener of
>> course.

> There are two ways I think:

> 1) We have an interface called
> "URLHandlerReadOnlyCheckerExtension" which can be implemented
> in the "URLStreamHandlerPluginExtension", there is a sample for
> it in the Plugins SDK.

  Which is not usable if I don't implement a Targeted URL Stream
Handler Plugin, is it?

> 2) On the "WSEditorChangeListener.editorOpened(URL)" callback
> after a WSEditor is opened you can gain access to its current
> page "WSEditor.getCurrentPage()" and if it is an instance of
> WSTextBasedEditorPage use this method: "setEditable(boolean)"

  Interesting.  Does that mean that this can't prevent editing
when the user is using the Grid view?


Florent Georges

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