[oXygen-user] Find/Replace in Files: unable to find pretty-printed word combinations

DaMommio, Aaron D (Aaron) aarond at motive.com
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Yves makes some good points here. It would be really nice to have a check-box option that ignores white space in the search, without the need to learn regular expressions. Perhaps that would be implemented internally by replacing spaces with \s+.

Yves, for your immediate issue, what about providing an example search along with a link to more info about regular expressions, to your team? In my environment, I’d create a wiki page about this, and start collecting examples from people. This is how we approach encouraging the use of the Xpath field … I don’t expect all my users to know Xpath, so I tell them how to do a search like
//figure/title   to get a list of figure titles, and point out they can do the same for sections or anything with a title (we use DocBook).

Maybe you could develop a series of regular expression examples to lead your students down the shining path of regex greatness. ☺

--Aaron DaMommio

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Hi Sorin

Yes, it works in oXygen 14! Thank you very much for your help!

The only problem I have now is how I can explain this to my (DITA) students and how I can convince them to use regular expressions. Most of them are new to DITA and XML. Also, when you search for some text, you don't know where the end-of-line character is, so to find the topic in the example below, you may have to replace every space with (\s+) in the Find/Replace in Files dialog:

Find: consists(\s+)of(\s+)the(\s+)following(\s+)zones

if the topic contains:

     <p status="changed">The body of the <keyword
                    conref="_conref_library.xml#topic_qjt_sdx_1f/keyword_wms_s2x_1f"/> consists of
                the following zones:</p>

Kind regards

Yves Barbion
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