[oXygen-user] BaseX Support in oXygen?

Hannes Bauer hannesbauer at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 05:16:06 CDT 2012

Dear developer team,

oXygen is our favorite XML editor - but it seems to lack good support for our favorite XML database BaseX. While I cannot find any reference to "BaseX" in the dialog windows of oXygen, I have found some information in the BaseX documentation, describing how to open documents via WebDAV or execute queries via XQuery (http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Integrating_oXygen). But those two variants don't seem to complement each other.

I would be very interested...

a) if you plan a better integration of BaseX in your system?
b) what's currently the easiest way to access all BaseX databases and documents from within oXygen? In other words, do I always have to use "File" -> "Open URL..." to get all database resources listed?

Thanks a lot in advance,

PS: I've tried to send this mail quite a while ago, but apparently it didn't make it to the list, so this is the second run.. Sorry for persistiing.

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