[oXygen-user] XPath expressions syntactically highlighted in XSLT

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Fri Feb 3 11:49:16 CST 2012


  In 13.2, I discovered the new feature of highlighting the XPath
expressions in the select attributes in XSLT.  While this is a
good idea I think, the result is not really clear in my humble
opinion.  It is hard to visually differentiate the value of the
attributes (the XPath expressions) and the XSLT instructions
themselves, as they use nearly the same colors.

  Something that could (probably) help would be to have the
ability to add some grey-shading under the select attributes.
Like a (very) light background color.  So it would be possible to
visually differentiate directly what's an XPath expression and
what's the XSLT structure.

  Just some thought...


Florent Georges

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