[oXygen-user] Importing entire HTML projects

McGibbney, Lewis John Lewis.McGibbney at gcu.ac.uk
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No Ken your not looking too deep, you've hit the nail right on the head.
This is going to save me an age, thanks very much.

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At 2011-10-13 12:41 +0100, McGibbney, Lewis John wrote:
>I'm currently working on a project which requires us to develop,
>update, author and publish XML based data for production use. I'm
>wondering whether oXygenXML supports the import of entire directory
>structures such as the following.

In your project you can point to any physical directory by dragging
it from the operating system file manager into the project and you
have access to that entire directory.

At the same time you can filter what you see in the project from that
directory by using the "gear" icon to the right of the project file name.

>As time is at a premium I'm trying to focus on the core business
>process here which is updating an older html project and validating
>it against some new schemas we have developed rather than wasting
>resources and time manually importing literally hundreds of individual files.

You can select the files you want from those filtered (including
entire subdirectories or even all of them) and engage a validation of
all of the selected files.  On the context menu in the project you
use "Validate/Validate with Schema..." and it acts on all files
selected, ignoring any validation scenario that might be engaged for
any of them.

>Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Does this address the nature of your question?  I'm worried I'm
looking too deep for an answer.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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