[oXygen-user] default validation engine affected by xml-model processing instruction?

Tara Athan taraathan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 05:46:08 CST 2011

I have some XML instances that I would like to validate against both a 
Relax NG schema and an XSD (for testing a re-engineering from XSD to 
Relax NG).
I want to use the Saxon EE engine for the XSD, as the XSD schema is not 
valid  according to Xerces (which is part of the motivation to switch to 
Relax NG), but gets through Saxon with some warnings.
I have set the preferences to use Saxon as the default engine, and this 
works fine for batch validation ... until I include the xml-model 
processing instruction for the Relax NG schema in the instances. Then 
the XSD validation reverts to Xerces resulting in failure.

I am using Oxygen 12.2.

Is this a known bug?
Has it been fixed in Oxygen 13 (this might give me the motivation to 

Thanks, Tara

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