[oXygen-user] Support for jar: URNs?

Eliot Kimber ekimber at reallysi.com
Mon Nov 14 12:30:27 CST 2011

I'm trying to set up an entity resolution catalog that resolves to files in
a jar file.

I can get it to work as expected if the URL to the jar is absolute, e.g.:


However, a relative URL (relative to the catalog), does not work.

Is it possible for Oxygen to make a relative URL part of a jar: URN resolve
relative to the catalog?

This is to support development of XSLTs that import modules that, when
deployed into the RSuite CMS, will be referenced by an RSuite-specific URN.
The catalog allows the XSLTs to be developed without having to swap
different URNs in and out. I'm trying to set up a system whereby developers
can get the jar with the included modules from Ivy and then, by using an
invariant catalog, have the inclusions work.

I can't think of another way of doing it.



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