[oXygen-user] Expand the comparison window

Sorin Ristache
Mon Mar 14 08:09:10 CDT 2011


We plan to make the comparison view detachable (a floating view) in the 
next version which means you will detach it from the margin of the SVN 
Client window and resize it as you want. I increased the priority of 
this issue in our issue tracking system.

In the current version the comparison view is not detachable but it is 
resizable. I see that on a Linux box with Gnome the height of this view 
cannot be increased to more than half the height of the SVN Client 
window although on Windows it can be increased more. In the current 
version you can maximize the SVN Client window and resize the view 
upwards to about half the SVN Client window. A more complicated 
workaround is to save the content of both compared revisions as two 
different files and compare them in the Diff Files tool.


O'Donnell, Dan wrote:
> Sorry for asking what I am sure is a dumb question: in the svn client, 
> is there a way of unpinning the comparison window or making it full 
> screen? In Linux Gnome, at any rate, it seems to bump into stops that 
> prevent it expanding and I don't see any way of making it bigger. I 
> thought there used to be an unpinning button or similar?
> -dan

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