[oXygen-user] Generating a schema's SCM

Sorin Ristache
Thu Jun 16 07:00:56 CDT 2011


The Schema Component Model of an XML Schema can be generated in Oxygen 
only by creating and running an external tool with a command line based 
on the |com.saxonica.Validate|  class, for example:

java  -cp  ${oxygenInstallDir}\lib\saxon9ee.jar;${oxygenInstallDir}  
com.saxonica.Validate  -scmout:${cfd}\${cfn}_SCM.xml  ${cf}

This command is applied to the current file (the ${cf} editor variable) 
which has to contain a schema reference as an xsi:schemaLocation 
attribute. If the XML file does not contain such a schema reference the 
command line has to specify the schema explicitly which means it is not 
generic anymore:

java  -cp  ${oxygenInstallDir}\lib\saxon9ee.jar;${oxygenInstallDir}  
com.saxonica.Validate  -xsd:S:\temp\personal.xsd  
-scmout:${cfd}\${cfn}_SCM.xml  ${cf}


Florent Georges wrote:
>   Hi,
>   Is there any way to generate a schema's SCM from within oXygen?
>     http://saxonica.com/documentation/schema-processing/scm.xml
>   Regards,

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