[oXygen-user] SVG rasterizer

Wendell Piez
Thu Jun 9 10:31:46 CDT 2011


On 6/9/2011 9:07 AM, Florent Georges wrote:
>> In the Oxygen Preferences->"XML / XSLT-FO-XQuery / Custom
>> Engines" page you can define custom XSLT and XQuery processors
>> (which are actually also external command line tools) which are
>> then visible in the drop down processor combos when defining
>> XSLT or XQuery scenarios.
>    He he, exactly what I meant ;-)
>    So it should be possible to create a Batik "transformer", which
> would get SVG as input and output a PNG in its output file, and
> then use it in a scenario, isn't it?

Well ... part of the goal here (at least in my case) is something that 
would be available for SVG inputs, but would not otherwise clutter the 
application or UI. (The use case I have in mind is for users who are not 
inclined to mess too much with what they see as internals. So I want 
something really easy to deploy, if it's not already built in.) I know 
that's a bit of scope creep from the initial problem statement, but 
c'est la vie.

Of the methods suggested so far, wrapping the rasterizer in XSLT/XSL-FO 
would allow this, since such a transformation could (given the necessary 
permissions) be set up inside the SVG framework.

If frameworks were to support external processes generally, and not only 
their own suite of transformation scenarios, than the simple command 
line call (which has the virtue of the most efficient use of resources) 
could also work this way.

Setting up the rasterizer as a (de jure) "transformation engine" is an 
interesting idea (and a devilish one), but having done that I don't 
think this option will be as well-hidden from non-SVG input, on which of 
course the routine will give only errors.

For now, I can put the tool into a Project for my client and document 
how to make it more widely available should they want to do that. (I 
don't think I'll have them mess with their SVG framework.)


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