[oXygen-user] SVG rasterizer

Florent Georges
Thu Jun 9 05:28:36 CDT 2011

Radu Coravu wrote:

> I'm slightly confused about the connotation of the word "processor"
> (FO or External tool).  I understand that Florent wanted to add a
> custom FO processor to be used in the "FO Processor" tab from an
> XSLT trasformation scenario.  Custom FO processors (which are
> actually defined as external tools) can be added from the "XML /
> XSLT-FO-XQuery / FO Processors" preferences page.

  Actually, as far as I know, this allows one to add his/her own FOP
processor.  More generally, I talked about the ability to define an
external tool and be able to use it in a scenario in the drop down
lists for "XSLT Transformer", "XQuery processor", "FO processor", etc.


Florent Georges

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