[oXygen-user] whitespace printing issues

Sorin Ristache
Wed Jun 1 04:04:36 CDT 2011


The computation of the exact position of each character on the printed 
page does not work correctly when the Zoom and Printing Scale factors do 
not have the 100% value. We plan to fix this problem in a future 
version. Please set both Printing Scale and Zoom to 100% to avoid it in 
the current version.


Peter Stadler wrote:
> Dear all,
> while trying to print some TEI code (actually I'm trying to do a pdf export via Mac OS integrated print-> pdf) I get missing whitespace in front of elements within mixed content elements. E.G.
> <p>auch besuchte mich den Tag <persName key="A001641">Papa ...
> results in 
> <p>auch besuchte mich den Tag<persName key="A001641">Papa ...
> (No whitespace before <persName/> !)
> XML is valid, on screen everything is fine, only printing lacks whitespace. I'm using oXygen 12.2 (build 2011051714) on Mac OS 10.6.7.
> Am I missing some configuration switch?
> Many thanks for any help
> Peter

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