[oXygen-user] Table rules for empty cells

Kiparsky, Jon
Thu Apr 7 09:01:20 CDT 2011

Is there a simple way to force a table to actually generate rules around
all cells when generating html from docbook?  <table rules="all"> is not
doing it. Right now, I'm having to insert non-breaking spaces to force
empty cells to get rules, which means I have a lot of lines like this: 


                   <td> <!-- nonbreaking space --></td>


in a sparse table. This is okay - easily generated with global replace -
but a but of a nuisance. PDFs generated from the same source are ruled
correctly, but the HTML is not, unless the &nbsp is inserted. 


Or, for a workaround, is it possible to add a non-breaking space to the
"insert from character map" options in a future version? 


(speaking of the character map, it would be really nice if the
non-printing characters were labelled - I can usually remember that
U+000D is a CR, but the others I have to look up)



-Jon Kiparsky

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