[oXygen-user] Making the XInclude switch more accessible

Syd Bauman
Thu Sep 23 19:49:47 CDT 2010

Hear, hear!

> As you know I've been using XInclude more intensively for a couple
> of projects. I'm grateful for oXygen's settings, including the
> setting to switch XInclude on and off per project.
> However, sometimes one wants to turn it on or off even more
> readily, for example before running a transformation or Schematron
> validation. Since the settings are fairly deep in the XML/XML
> Parser pane of Options/Preferences, this is a bit hard to do (and
> to instruct others to do).
> What would be great would be buttons to control this, and/or menu
> options, available at the top level. Maybe those are already there
> and I just haven't found them?

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