[oXygen-user] How to Keep Oxygen from Opening Epubs on OSX?

Thu Sep 16 16:21:47 CDT 2010

On 2010-09-16 17:02, Adrian Buza wrote:
> The EPUB associations was added to the Info.plist of the Oxygen.app. To 
> remove it you have to Ctrl-click(or right click) on the Oxygen 
> application icon(Oxygen.app) in Finder and from the pop-up menu select 
> Show Package Contents. Then navigate to the Contents directory and open 
> for editing the Info.plist file.   [...]  Remove or comment the entire
> "dict" element that associates the 'epub' extension. This will prevent
> Oxygen from re-associating itself with EPUB files.

Or you can use the free RCDefaultApp preference pane to set the default
application of your choice: <http://www.rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/>

This is a handy tool to have around and allows you to set all the
application associations for your system in once place, without having to
muck around in .plist files or various applications' preferences dialogs.



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