[oXygen-user] OSX: Cannot Launch Oxygen from Eclipse After Install

Eliot Kimber
Wed Sep 15 11:26:23 CDT 2010

Under OSX I renamed my Oxygen 11.2 install from "oxygen" to "oxygen_11.2"
then unpackaged the tar.gz for Oxygen 12 and moved the resulting "oxygen"
dir to my Applications directory.

I was then able to start Oxygen fine and verify that v12 started.

However, from Eclipse, when I try to open a file in Oxygen by navigating to
the Oxygen.app icon in the "Choose external application" dialog, the icon
shows as a text file, not an application, after I choose it, and trying to
run it gives a failure with this detail message:

Error opening external editor (/Applications/oxygen/Oxygen.app).
Cannot run program "/Applications/oxygen/Oxygen.app": error=13, Permission

Any idea what the cause might be?

I don't remember having this problem in the past.



Eliot Kimber
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