[oXygen-user] Reversing an SVN ignore

Lee, David
Fri Sep 10 12:34:09 CDT 2010

The ignore info is stored in a property on the parent folder.
If you need more details I can look it up but that should be enough to
go on.  You need a SVN tool that can edit document properties.

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This isn't really an Oxygen/DITA request, but since Subversion is
in Oxygen, here goes:

I use SVN to check out/in my content.

Oxygen usually creates a TMP and an OUT folder. Generally these folders
contain content I don't need, so I ignore them using the SVN:ignore
in Subversion.

But one of my co-writers checked in the content in the OUT folder for
one of
the projects, and I need that content.

How do I reverse the SVN:ignore on a folder? I checked online & wasn't
to find anything useful or that made sense. I looked through some of the
files in the .SVN folder, but I don't see anything that makes sense that
could edit to undo this.
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