[oXygen-user] Controlling details of xref creation in DITA editing

Radu Coravu
Mon Sep 6 01:30:43 CDT 2010

  Hi Eliot,

This behavior was requested to us a while back.
Indeed I also don't find this useful as the DITA Open Toolkit does this 
by default if the xref content is empty.
I'll probably talk to the user who requested this and get a use case 
from him, if not possibly remove the current behavior all together.
Probably what most people want is not to have the target title text 
detected and brought there physically but have it shown as read-only, 
like when a conref gets solved in the Author page.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>   XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 9/3/2010 8:13 PM, Eliot Kimber wrote:
> For DITA documents, if I create a new xref using the cross reference dialog,
> the resulting xref element includes the title of the target as literal next.
> I never want this but I didn't see a preference to control this behavior.
> Is there one?
> Thanks,
> Eliot

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