[oXygen-user] XML AUTHOR + Docbook5: Problems with using custom HTML chunk scenarios (parameters conflict with customization layer)

Cramer, David W (David)
Tue Nov 30 11:18:17 CST 2010

Hi Robert,
In the forums or somewhere I mentioned that I would like to have a generic ant-based transformation scenario (like the DITA one but generic and customizable). I believe the Oxygen folks replied that this is a planned feature. What I think is really needed is an easy way to create transformation scenarios that invoke an arbitrary executable (ant, maven, make, a script, whatever your build machine uses) and surface some command line options as check boxes, radio buttons, and text fields. 

The current DocBook transformation scenarios are good for demoing DocBook functionality, but in a production environment you usually wrap the build process in some other script. Often your build will do several passes on the document, generate olink databases, copy resources into place, zip/jar/war up the output, deploy it to nexus, and so on. You don't want all that build logic tied in to the editor but you do want an easy way to kick it off from the editor for local builds. 

For now, you can write a plugin that adds menu items and associated actions that kick off the external processes. I've experimented with that some with help from Oxygen support, but was having problems with the UI locking up until the ant process completed and I haven't come back to it yet.  


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> custom HTML chunk scenarios (parameters conflict with customization
> layer)
> I have been having a persistent problem with doing HTML-chunk
> transformations with Docbook 5 and Oxygen 12. I think I had similar
> problems with Oxygen 11 too.
> I wrote a xsl customization layer  rjstyle.xsl.
> Initially what I thought I could do was to duplicate the HTML-chunk
> scenario and  change the XSL URL to rjstyle.xsl. But I discover that a
> few of my parameter settings  are not working. That is because the
> parameter values I am giving in rjstyle.xsl are differing from the
> preset parameters in Oxygen's HTML chunk scenarios. Oxygen's parameter
> settings are overriding my own in rjstyle.xsl.
> QUESTION: Is there a way to tell your Edit Scenario dialog for the
> parameter settings in rjstyle.xsl to override whatever presets Oyxgen
> put into its out-of-the-box Docbook scenarios?
> The answer would seem to be to create a new scenario from scratch.
> However, whenever I do that, I seem to receive a lot of compiler
> errors.
> To give an example of what I mean by errors:
> 1)Engine name: Saxon6.5.5
> Severity: error
> Description: ch01.html (Access is denied)
> Engine name: Saxon6.5.5
> Severity: error
> Description: The system cannot find the path specified
> (With both types of errors, it works fine when I use the
> out-of-the-box docbook chunk scenarios. Also, I have torn out all the
> excess stuff from rjstyle.xsl except for:
>     <xsl:import href="../../../1latest/docbook-xsl-
> 1.76.1/html/chunk.xsl"/>
> 2)non-validating XHTML code. It won't show in the browser. (this is
> less common than the above two; might be a fluke with my current
> project).
> If I use Oxygen's chunk XSL defaults and add rjstyle.xsl as an
> additional XSLT stylesheet (an option in the Edit Scenario dialog), I
> get an error:
> SystemID: I:\My Documents\My Dropbox\xml\testbug2\index2.xml
> Engine name: Saxon6.5.5
> Severity: error
> Description: Cannot apply cascading transformation. Reason:
> org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: A well-formed document requires a root
> element.
> One of the complicating factors here is that the Edit Scenario dialog
> (with 3 tags) has a lot of options. It's good that the Oxygen team can
> compress so many options into one dialog; on the other hand, it's hard
> to transfer settings into a New Scenario and be certain you have
> copied everything.
> QUESTION: Do you have any hints about creating Docbook transformations
> from scratch that avoid the Access is denied and system cannot find
> the path specified errors?
> I realize that I am not giving you enough information about my
> specific project. But I suspect that you may have some general ideas
> about what is wrong (besides, my brain is growing weary).
> By the way, you might be wondering why I am not content using an
> out-of-the-box chunk scenario. 1)I find it cumbersome to edit the
> parameter list (and don't have a way to save my settings in an
> easy-to-read format) and 2)It's easier for me to hard code the latest
> docbook xsl in a user directory rather than a system directory.
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