[oXygen-user] prevent multiple instances on OS X

George Cristian Bina
Sun Nov 21 01:55:15 CST 2010

Hi Bob,

When oXygen starts for the first time it creates a lock file and writes 
there a port number that he uses to listen on. When following instances 
are started they look for the lock file, get the port number from there 
and connect to that passing the command line arguments to the running 
instance. If a following instance cannot connect to the initial instance 
it will start itself.
The default mode is single instance (desktop mode) and you should need 
the -Dcom.oxygenxml.MultipleInstances setting only to specify a true 
value to enable multiple instances (server mode - when there are more 
users in the same time using oXygen on the same machine).

We will look more into this Monday and let you know if we find anything.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 11/17/10 7:49 PM, Bob Beims wrote:
> I'm launching oXygen 11.2 via a JavaScript in a web UI which calls
> /Applications/oXygen/oxygenMac.sh
> I've added the line
>   -Dcom.oxygenxml.MultipleInstances=false \
> to oxygenMac.sh, and have also added "-Dcom.oxygenxml.MultipleInstances=false"
> to VMOptions in /Applications/oXygen/Oxygen.app/Contents/Info.plist
> But even with these properties specified, I'm getting multiple instances of
> oXygen each time I open a file via the web UI.
> Details:
> - oXygen 11.2
> - OS X 10.6.5
> - JRE 1.6.0_22
> Any ideas on how to fix this?
> TIA,
> Bob
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