[oXygen-user] Find ahead

Alex Jitianu
Mon May 24 01:19:10 CDT 2010


For 'find next' the shortcut is 'F3' or 'meta G' for Mac. For 'find 
previous' the shortcut is 'shift F3' or 'meta shift G' for Mac. All 
'Find' shorcuts are presented next to their corresponding actions in the 
'Find' menu. You can change these the default shortcuts from 
"Options->Menu Shorcut Keys...".

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Alex Jitianu
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On 21.05.2010 22:56, Karl Stubsjoen wrote:
> What is the shortcut key for find ahead (I think that is what it is
> called).  The find feature responds to your keystrokes and quickly
> jumps forward in the document highlight the first found result.
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