[oXygen-user] Schema documentation from specific root element

Ingo Freitag
Thu May 20 11:06:54 CDT 2010


thank you for your quick answer.

The best solution would be something complete automatic, but it is also possible, that I remove the other root elements before.

But one problem is, that the schema uses global types (simple and complex) very intensive, which means for me to manually remove all those elements as well.
This is a huge work. 

I already read in former posts, that you were asked to add a function to 'clean' a schema from unused types and other elements.
In my case such a function would do the trick very well :) So my vote to implement it as soon as possible.

Best regards,


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The schema documentation tool is not contextual, it generates the 
documentation for the entire schema so I'm afraid you cannot simply 
generate the documentation starting from a given root element.

But there may be a few options that could help you break it down into 
smaller parts.
For example if you generate HTML you can split the output in multiple 
files by component(in the Output tab). Other than that there are the 
generic filters from the Settings tab, but I'm not sure if they're 
useful to you in this case.

There's also the possibility to trim the schema and remove the unwanted 
root elements before generating the documentation, but I'm guessing you 
were looking for something automatic to do this.

Adrian Buza
Oxygen XML Editor support

Ingo Freitag wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a very huge schema file with several root elements included.
> Now I want to create a documentation out of one of those root elements only.
> Is this somehow possible?
> Of course all linked and referenced types shall also be included in the documentation.
> Ingo
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