[oXygen-user] XPath from Project context menu

Wendell Piez
Fri Aug 20 12:01:49 CDT 2010


One of the features I use most in oXygen is, of course, the XPath 
evaluation toolbar.

Another is the context menus in projects, for validating files or 
sets of files (against their own or ad-hoc schemas), transforming 
them and what not.

I can't believe I've worked all this time without wanting to query 
XPath over a file set directly from the Project View.

But actually I have. It's just that I usually write a little XQuery 
or Schematron, or work through the Find/Replace in Files dialogue, or 
find another way to get to the data I want. Each of these has 
strengths and weaknesses.

But I bet it wouldn't be difficult for the oXygen magicians to give 
me a little entry box right-clicking a selection in the Project View, 
where I could type my XPath directly ... or am I missing something?


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