[oXygen-user] 11.2 XPath box in Find/Replace stuck?

Adrian Buza
Tue Apr 20 11:08:30 CDT 2010


We try not to overwhelm the user with warning dialogs and at the same 
time not withhold information from him/her.
The solution chosen so far has been to offer a link in the dialog to a 
section in the user manual that describes the changes/limitations that 
appear as a consequence of the user's actions.
For example in this case a dialog was shown which asked if you want to 
'Format' the document or 'Line wrap' it so it could be opened. But there 
was also a 'See help for details' link to the user manual that mentioned 
a few things that get disabled when using 'line wrap', specifically this 
one: http://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-oxygen/long-lines-document.html

Now, reading the message from the dialog again, I guess it's not that 
obvious that some limitations will be instated. It's only mentioned in 
the help section.


PS: You can see that dialog again if you change in the Open/Save option 
pane to 'Always ask'.

Markus Flatscher wrote:
> Adrian,
> thanks for looking into this, and for the advice. Things work as usual 
> after following it.
> Is there a way for a user to obtain some information from the 
> application when certain settings change default behavior (a report, a 
> warning message, or the like)?
> Markus
> Adrian Buza wrote:
>> Hello Markus,
>> I've analyzed the files you provided and it seems you chose to always 
>> line wrap documents with long lines(>5000 chars on a line).
>> However on line wrapped documents the XPath gives erroneous 
>> results(only the start tags are reported) so the XPath in the Find in 
>> Files has been disabled in this case as well.
>> To work around this you can increase the maximum allowed number of 
>> chars on a line for a document in Options -> Preferences -> Editor -> 
>> Open/Save.
>> Change the 'Format document when longest line exceeds' from 5000 to 
>> 10000 or 20000 and the XPath field will be enabled after reopening 
>> the editor.
>> Regards,
>> Adrian
>> Oxygen XML Editor support
>> Markus Flatscher wrote:
>>> Sorin,
>>> yes, my data is well-formed. Is it possible that this is related to 
>>> file size? It doesn't seem to happen with small files, but only with 
>>> files of a size of 15K lines or so.
>>> Markus
>>> Sorin Ristache wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> The XPath field is activated in the Find/Replace diaog only if the 
>>>> document is well-formed XML. An XPath expression cannot be applied 
>>>> on a text fragment that is not well-formed XML. Is your document a 
>>>> well-formed XML one? If yes please post a small sample for 
>>>> reproducing the problem.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Sorin
>>>> Markus Flatscher wrote:
>>>>> Hi there,
>>>>> using oXygen 11.2, build 2010031611 on Mac OS X in text mode, I'm 
>>>>> unable to activate the XPath constraint box in the Find/Replace 
>>>>> dialogue (it seems to invariably stay grayed out). Is this a known 
>>>>> bug, or am I overlooking something?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Markus
>>>>> P.S. (O/T): thanks much for all those quick-and-timely XProc updates!
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