[oXygen-user] MarkLogic's CQ integration

Florent Georges
Wed Apr 14 05:24:15 CDT 2010


  The developers I worked with on projects using MarkLogic were
most of the time using MarkLogic's CQ web interface.  Sometimes
even though they had an oXygen licence.  I think the main reason
why it's because CQ automatically saves the session on the server
so there is no need to save any file and the session is always
available to the developer, regardless the machine he/she is
actually using.

  So the idea: it would be very useful I think to have a similar
mechanism in oXygen, to save a buffer automatically onto the ML
instance each time this buffer is evaluated.  Maybe even using
directly the own CQ's sessions in order to integrate smoothly and
collaborate easily with people using CQ on the same project.

  Just an idea...


Florent Georges


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