[oXygen-user] validation problem for CODE element in docbook 5?

Robert Nagle
Thu Apr 1 07:38:34 CDT 2010


I'm creating a docbook 5 document in the latest Oxygen, and got a
strange validation error.

Here is what I wrote:

          <para> <code>    <meta content="Home Page for Dick Solomon."
name="description" />

Here is the error message I receive:

SystemID: I:\My Documents\work-related\\quickguide.xml
Engine name: Jing
Severity: error
Description: element "meta" not allowed anywhere; expected the element
end-tag, text or element "alt", "anchor", "annotation", "biblioref",
"classname", "exceptionname", "function", "indexterm", "initializer",
"inlinemediaobject", "interfacename", "link", "methodname",
"modifier", "olink", "ooclass", "ooexception", "oointerface",
"parameter", "phrase", "remark", "replaceable", "returnvalue",
"subscript", "superscript", "type", "varname" or "xref"
Start location: 157:99

It seems that the validator is trying to process the contents of the
code element when in fact the code element allows text inside it

Or am I missing something obvious?

Robert Nagle

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