[oXygen-user] Losing keyboard input on Linux

Sorin Ristache
Tue May 19 08:07:33 CDT 2009


A keyboard disconnected from a Java application after the keyboard could 
be used in that application without problems for some time can be caused 
by the following Sun JVM bug (Oxygen comes with a Java 1.6 Sun JVM):


In this bug the keyboard events are not passed to the Java application 
at a low level anymore which means the bug cannot be fixed in the Java 
application. It must be fixed in the JVM.

There are two different workarounds for this bug:

- send a mouse event to the Java application, for example open and close 
a menu with the mouse (without running an action from the menu); this 
will re-connect the keyboard with the window of the application,

- use a Java 1.5 virtual machine instead of a Java 1.6 one.

For the second workaround you can download a Java 1.5 virtual machine 
for Linux from:


After installing it you set it for running Oxygen as specified in the 
User Manual (see the note in the Linux installation procedure):


Also you can set a JVM for running Oxygen by editing the script 
[Oxygen-install-dir]/oxygen.sh and specifying the full path to the java 
executable ([JVM-install-dir]/bin/java) in the java command at the end 
of the oxygen.sh script. In this case you have to start Oxygen with this 
script, that is a command:

sh oxygen.sh

I hope this helps,

David Holden wrote:
> No no KVM, bog standard keyboard and several versions of ubuntu. I've
> had this issue with several Java apps but its a particular problem
> with Oxygen.
>  Dave.

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