[oXygen-user] Running transformation scenario

Syd Bauman
Tue May 12 16:03:11 CDT 2009

> > Is it possible to run a transformation scenario from the command
> > line? [Mac OS X - make based builds] The reason I want to do
> > this, is typesetting a programming book, where xinclude files are
> > generated from source code, marked up with special comments

I don't quite follow the details of your reason for wanting to do
this, and as we've just learned from Sorin, you can't actually run a
transformation scenario from the command line. That said, I run
transformations (including XInclude) from the command line, a bash
script, or occasionally a make file almost every day. (Mostly on Mac
OS X.)


 $ xmllint --xinclude --noent ingredients.xml | xsltproc bake.xslt - > /tmp/bread.xml

 OR, equivalently
 $ xsltproc --xinclude bake.xslt ingredients.xml -o /tmp/bread.xml

 OR, almost equivalently, for XSLT2
 $ saxon -xi:on -xsl:bake.xslt -s:ingredients.xml -o:/tmp/bread.xml

Although in truth, I often have to operate on multiple files at once
(whitespace added for readability):

 $ for f in ingredients/*.xml ;
       do echo "---------$f:" ;
       xsltproc --xinclude bake.xslt $f > /tmp/baked/$f ;

 OR, for XSLT2
 $ saxon -xi:on -xsl:bake.xslt -s:ingredients/ -o/tmp/baked/


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