[oXygen-user] Blank DocBook output with chunk.xsl

Sorin Ristache
Tue May 12 08:03:09 CDT 2009


The HTML chunks are created in the folder set with the parameter 
base.dir. If you do not set the parameter the chunks are created in the 
folder of the XSLT stylesheet as for any relative file path specified in 
an XSLT stylesheet.

For example you can duplicate the Docbook HTML scenario, change the XSL 
URL to ${frameworks}/docbook/xsl/html/chunk.xsl and set the output 
directory in the base.dir parameter:


Maybe we should add a predefined scenario called Docbook HTML - Chunking.


Karen Schneider wrote:
> I can use DocBook chunk.xsl successfully outside of oXygen which is why 
> I ask this here. I have read the documentation but assume I am 
> overlooking/misinterpreting something (probably obvious...). I set up a 
> transform that under XSLT/XSL URL says:
> ${frameworks}/docbook/xsl/html/chunk.xsl
> I have left output alone. Running either Saxon 6.5.5 or xsltproc on 
> valid DocBook 5 files, the transform produces completely empty 
> files--not even declarations or anything, just foo.html without anything 
> in them.
> Thanks again for yesterday's help!

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