[oXygen-user] Sharing project file on Win XP and Mac OS X

Sorin Ristache
Wed Mar 18 09:11:53 CDT 2009

Hello Florent,

A file should be added in an Oxygen project file with an absolute path 
only if the project file and the file associated with the scenario do 
not have a common parent folder. I do not understand why the file is 
added with an absolute path in the project file if it is located in a 
subfolder of the project folder. Can you send us the project file and 
let us know the absolute path of the project file on your Windows 
machine and the path of the file added in the project with an absolute path?


Florent Georges wrote:
>   So I checked there is a scenarioAssociation element in the
> XPR file for the file I'd like to test, with its correct name
> (as a relative path.)  Then I try the "Apply Transformation
> Scenario" action, but it launches the scenarii selection dialog
> box.  If I select a scenario and save the project, I can see in
> the XPR a new scenarioAssociation with the same file, but with
> an absolute path (like file:/C:/...)
>   I run oXygen 10.1 both sides, build 2009022414.

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