[oXygen-user] Open Big Files in read only with validation capabilities

George Cristian Bina
Thu Mar 12 10:18:56 CDT 2009


As you noted you can open big files in read only mode in the large file 

If you add the file to the project then you have access to validation 
and transformation from the contextual menu (right click on Windows, 
CTRL+Click on Mac). However, an XSLT transformation may fail - probably 
the best approach is to take advantage that oXygen includes a Saxon-SA 
license) is to use the Saxon SA streaming support to process such files, 
for details see
and maybe also

Maybe using Saxon-SA streaming may help you to get an indented document?

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George Cristian Bina
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mozer wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I felt the need for being able to :
> A) Open a big Files in Oxygen
> B) Do some validation and see where the problem happen to be (and
> perhaps launch an XSLT Transformation)
> C) Do some indenting
> But I don't want to edit the file
> I get around
> 1) Open Big files : it is indeed read only, but we don't have access
> to validation and transformation
> 2) Open Tree Editor : it is indeed fast to load, but it takes ages
> before the validation can finish
> 3) Open normal editor : it takes 1,5 Gb and at least 10 minutes to
> stabilise for 100 Mb files
> I checked the performance options to drop undo information on save
> Is there anything else I need to know ?
> Xmlizer
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