[oXygen-user] Selecting multiple XML file at once for the Schema Converter (trang)

Sorin Ristache
Mon Mar 9 03:19:25 CDT 2009


On Mac OS X Oxygen uses the native file dialog. The Java API of this 
dialog does not allow a multiple selection of files. The Java Swing 
dialog on Mac OS X has the multiple selection of files but Oxygen does 
not use it because it has other problems. For example it can display the 
files only as a list, it does not have file search when the first 
letters of the file name are typed, the dialog does not look like native 
Mac OS dialogs. If the Swing dialog will be fixed in the Apple JVM we 
will use it instead of the native dialog.


mozer wrote:
> Hi,
> Problably I didn't see it, but there is no way for me to select a
> bunch of XML file and add them to generate a schema
> The only way is too select the file one by one which is tedious
> Any idea of how to circumvent that ?
> Xmlizer

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