[oXygen-user] Is it possible, when doing a DITA OT transform, to specify ant parameters?

Steven Anderson
Mon Jun 29 15:20:35 CDT 2009

I like to use ant's XmlLogger as a logger for my ant builds.  I think that's the last piece keeping me from really utilizing the DITA OT transforms from within oXygen, now that I can specify my own ant home.  I still don't see any way to specify ant parameters as part of the scenario, though, only JVM args.  What I'd like to see is a text box, just like the one for JVM args, for ant params, so I could add  "-logger org.apache.tools.ant.XmlLogger -logfile buildlog.xml" to my ant command.

Is there a way to do that already and I'm missing it?


ps - I don't post often, but I use oXygen every day.  It is, really, one of the best tools I have ever used.  The rate that you add new features and functionality is astounding, and, often, it seems like you are reading my mind.  When I run into a problem and I think, "I wish oXygen could do this ...." it often already does, or the feature gets added in the next point release.  If y'all have a blog where I can donate to a "Buy the developers a beer" tip jar, send it on to me, I owe you.

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