[oXygen-user] (Windows) opening up a file in different instances?

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jun 29 09:42:12 CDT 2009


By default right-click on a file in Windows Explorer and Open in Oxygen 
should open the file in the running instance of Oxygen. If a second 
instance is started on your computer either you added the Oxygen startup 
parameter -Dcom.oxygenxml.MultipleInstances=true or there is a firewall 
or antivirus application that blocks the connections to local ports (by 
default the second instance tries to connect to a local port to see if 
there is a first running instance). In the second case you should add 
Oxygen to the list of exceptions (applications that are allowed to 
connect to a local port) or disable this blocking feature of the firewall.


Robert Nagle wrote:
> In Windows vista 64 , when I right click an xml/xsl file, a new and
> separate instance of Oxygen will open up. Is there any easy way to
> instruct Oxygen to open the file in the previously opened  Oyxgen
> instance rather than to open up a new instance each time?

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