[oXygen-user] Author : saving and updating project

Rogie Isabelle
Wed Jun 17 03:49:16 CDT 2009

I didn't have this functioning with the version 10.2 on Mac OSX.
Is there a parameter to select to have an automatic updating and reloading Project?

Isabelle Rogie
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The Project view updates automatically when it receives the focus. For 
example if you switch the focus from the Author editor to the Project 
view the project file is checked on disk and if it was changed since the 
last check Oxygen displays a confirmation dialog for reloading the 
current project.

We will consider adding an option for automatically saving the project 
file in background at a configurable time interval.


Rogie Isabelle wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to save a project automatically, update the project 
> window automatically when two persons work on the same project?
> I use Author version 10.2 on Mac OS X.
> Best Regards,
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