[oXygen-user] Why Does Does Oxygen Think There is No Schema for This Document?

Eliot Kimber
Thu Jun 4 05:25:04 CDT 2009

On 6/4/09 4:56 AM, "George Cristian Bina" <> wrote:

> Hi Eliot,
> Quick fix:
> in Options->Preferences -- Document Type Association disable the "Only
> for local DTDs/XML Schemas" optimization flag.

I have verified that this resolves the problem.



> Details:
> When this flag is on we resolve non local files to an empty source.
> While this works for DTDs for XML Schemas the parser throws an exception
>   before it reports the root element and we do not get the chance to see
> the schema location attributes, thus the observed behavior.
> This appears only when both conditions below are met:
> "Enable DTD/XML Schema processing in document type detection" is enabled
> "Only for local DTDs/XML Schemas" is disabled
> and a document refers an XML Schema that is not mapped though an XML
> Catalog in a local copy.
> We will fix this for 10.3 thanks for reporting it!
> Best Regards,
> George

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