[oXygen-user] Interactively ask the user for a param value

Florent Georges
Tue Jul 28 02:59:38 CDT 2009

Wendell Piez wrote:

  Hi Wendell,

> On the other hand, I wondered whether it could be useful to have a 
> macro that would open a dialog box allowing me to select the XML 
> input file when running a scenario on a stylesheet -- in which case
> a macro that would let me parameterize the output by the input would
> be really useful.

  I think there are two orthogonal things here: the convenient user input facility (besides plain strings, you can use a select file dialog box, but also a calendar selection, etc.)  And in addition, you can either give the data in the scenario, or ask for interactive input each time the scenario is run.

  I was asking for the second feature here (interactive input,) but sure, I think the first one (different input methods) is very interesting too!


Florent Georges


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