[oXygen-user] Interactively ask the user for a param value

Wendell Piez
Mon Jul 27 10:45:50 CDT 2009


At 06:36 AM 7/27/2009, Florent wrote:
>   Is there any way to tell oXygen to ask the user interactively
>for a parameter value, each time a specific scenario is executed?
>To give a concrete example, let's say one stylesheet parameter is
>a password:
>     <xsl:param name="password" type="xs:string"/>
>   Of course, I don't want to store it in the XPR project file, as
>a clear string.  That would be perfect if we were able to say in
>a scenario definition: "ask for the 'password' param using a
>dialog box each time this scenario is executed."

This is interesting, since it isn't unlike what I was thinking in 
response to Eliot's request for a macro to reflect the XML input URI 
in a scenario applied to stylesheets.

To Eliot's request, my thought was that usually I've just lived with 
hardcoding the output file in such a case, since the input XML file 
generally has to be hardcoded anyway.

On the other hand, I wondered whether it could be useful to have a 
macro that would open a dialog box allowing me to select the XML 
input file when running a scenario on a stylesheet -- in which case a 
macro that would let me parameterize the output by the input would be 
really useful.

Then I thought this would be gilding the lily -- except then Florent 
suggests a more dynamic way of assigning runtime parameter values, 
which wouldn't be so dissimilar from such a mechanism (and I agree 
would be useful). Dare one suppose that one might also want to 
parameterize the name of the output according to the value of a 
runtime parameter? :->


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