[oXygen-user] Link one ditamap to another?

Eliot Kimber
Tue Jul 14 07:41:24 CDT 2009

There are several options that control what happens when a map includes
resources that are not below the map's directory. In particular, you need to
set generate.copy.outer to "2" and outer.control "quiet". The
generate.copy.outer value of "2" means "copy all resources to the output.
This will generate any result directories in their relative locations as in
the source. This means that you need to set as your initial output directory
a directory that has enough ancestory directories to accommodate any
sideways relative references.

For example, if you have a map with a reference like
href="../../../somedir/anotherdir/sometopic.dita", the output will include a
directory "somedir" three levels above the initial output directory.



On 7/14/09 2:04 AM, "Radu Coravu" <> wrote:

> Hello Wendy,
> There are some limitations in the DITA Open Toolkit used to publish DITA
> Maps in Oxygen regarding the references between different topics or maps.
> Basically if the two DITA Maps are in the same folder and one links to
> another using something like:
> <topicref href="hierarchy.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>
> the output should work but if the maps are in different folder
> hierarchies the DITA Open Toolkit transformation will complain with
> warnings like:
> [pipeline] [DOTJ036W][WARN] The file
> "D:\oxygen\samples\dita\flowers\topics\introduction.xml" referenced by
> "D:\oxygen\samples\dita\flowers\flowers.ditamap" is outside the scope of
> the input dita/map directory. If you do not want to see the warning
> message,please use the Ant parameter 'outer.control', and set the value
> as "quiet".Or,you can move the referenced file
> "D:\oxygen\samples\dita\flowers\topics\introduction.xml" into the the
> input dita/map directory.
> I think the DITA Map which refers must be either in the same directory
> as the referenced map or the referenced map must be in a folder
> structure below the master DITA Map.
> You can try to register on the DITA Users List and maybe they will give
> you more details about this limitation.
> See this link for more DITA resources:
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/forum/post11407.html
> Regards,
> Radu

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