[oXygen-user] Catalog URI Resolver for XSLT Include/Import in Editor?

Eliot Kimber
Tue Jul 7 08:04:51 CDT 2009

On 7/7/09 7:59 AM, "Eliot Kimber" <> wrote:

> On 7/7/09 2:52 AM, "Sorin Ristache" <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Oxygen creates a URI resolver from the XML catalogs added in Preferences
>> -> XML -> XML Catalog and sets the resolver to the processors Saxon,
>> Xalan, xsltproc. OASIS 1.1 catalogs are supported. The URIs used in
>> xsl:include and xsl:import are resolved with uri entries of the catalogs.
> Cool--that worked. I didn't get from the referenced help pages that this
> would apply to xsl:import and xsl:include. It just says "or a URI reference
> (at document transformation)"--would be clearer if it explicitly says
> something like "for xsl:import and xsl:include" or lists all the cases where
> it applies (for example, does it also work for document() function calls to?

OK, next level: is there a way to parameterize the uri= value to reflect
Oxygen-defined variables?

My goal in this case is to have a catalog used for development purposes
where the uri= value points to developer-specific location (in this case,
transform components provided by a separate project in CVS). Would like to
have the catalog be invariant, with developers configuring it by locally
setting a property.

Is that possible in Oxygen today? For my environment, being able to use
properties set in an Any property file would be ideal, since I'll have to
configure the same property for use by Ant as well.

Note that this is in the context of the standalone Oxygen editor, not the
Eclipse plugin version.



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