[oXygen-user] switch off: auto self-standing tag function

Takako Kato
Sat Jan 31 16:54:22 CST 2009

Dear list,
In my xsl, in my header, I have a link to java script file, which
cannot be a self-standing tag:

<SCRIPT language="Javascript1.2" src="../java/menu_desc.js"

Every time I transform a xml file, however, the Oxygen automatically
change the above link into:

<SCRIPT language="Javascript1.2" src="../java/menu_desc.js"

I want to switch off this function, i.e, the function, which change
the empty tags into self-standing tag automatically. Could anybody
teach me how to do this, please/

Thanks very much.

Best wishes,

Takako Kato

School of English
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH, UK

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