[oXygen-user] What is better: bold the names or bold the values?

Florent Georges
Fri Jan 23 10:08:05 CST 2009

George Cristian Bina wrote:

> We need your feedback on one of the oXygen 10.1 features. We
> implemented a new XML Schema editor where XML Schemas can be
> edited visually.

  Great, looks nice!

> Do you have a preference for any of these?

  Good question.  Bolding the value emphasizes "what we typed
down" so could seems more natural, while bolding the name
emphasizes on the semantics of the attributes.  So I would say
the later.  But really, both seems equally usable.

  An alternative (sorry, I know you asked for an answer, not a
question :-p) would be to bold both, or just write them in the
normal font while putting name and value of defaults in gray.
This is maybe more intuitive: what we typed is "normal," while
defaults are given less visual importance (the info is there,
but more light.)

  Hope that helps,

Florent Georges


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