[oXygen-user] using catalogs

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jan 19 10:40:52 CST 2009

Yes, as I specified in the first reply the easiest solution is the 
creation of a document type in Preferences -> Document Type Association. 
Document types are available starting with version 9.0 so if you upgrade 
to the current version you can create a document type and set one or 
more XML catalog files that will be used for the validation and 
transformation of the XML files of that type. But you do not have to 
upgrade to version 10 because the Default Schema Association available 
in versions 8.x allows you to validate the XML files with the schema 
that you want without adding the xsi:schemaLocation attribute in the XML 

In version 10 you should look at the DocBook 5 predefined document type 
to see how to create a document type that matches XML documents by 
namespace URI and specifies an XML catalog for these XML documents. Go 
to menu Options -> Preferences -> Document Type Association and create a 
new document type with the New button. Add a matching rule to the Rules 
table where you specify the namespace URI for Shibboleth XML files. Add 
the XML catalog file to the Catalogs tab of the dialog. After that the 
validation of XML documents with that namespace URI will use the 
specified XML catalog.

In version 8 you can also validate the files without editing them and 
without adding the XML catalog. Go to Options -> Preferences -> Editor 
-> Default Schema Association and create a new association with your 
namespace URI (the Namespace column) and the location of the schema (the 
Schema URI column).


> I'd like to find a way to use Oxygen with the distributed Shibboleth xml 
> + catalog files (without editing those files).
> Would this process be easier if I upgraded to Oxygen 10 ?

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