[oXygen-user] Re: where's Saxon?

George Cristian Bina
Fri Jan 16 00:25:12 CST 2009

Hi David,

We licensed Saxon SA to be used by oXygen users from oXygen. So people 
that need to use that outside of oXygen need to have a separate license. 
The reasons are simple - Saxon SA alone costs USD 439 (at today GBP to 
USD rate) while oXygen prices are USD 48/299/366 for 
Anyway, I believe it is a great benefit for oXygen users, especially for 
the ones with an Academic license that they can use Saxon SA, learn and 
  test XSLT 2.0 Schema Aware from oXygen without any additional cost.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

David Sewell wrote:
> On Tue Jan 13 02:16:33 CST 2009 George Cristian Bina wrote:
>> Starting with oXygen 10 we include a licensed Saxon SA with oXygen. The
>> Saxon SA distribution contains the Saxon B classes thus we do not ship
>> Saxon B as a separate jar. The Saxon SA jar does not have a Main-Class
>> entry inside its manifest file so you cannot use the -jar option.
>> With Saxon SA you can use instead -cp to specify the classpath and then
>> you need to specify also the main class net.sf.saxon.Transform.
> Like Syd, I also run Saxon from the command line at times, under OS X.
> The Saxon-B transform runs fine on my system as
>   java -cp /Applications/oxygen/lib/saxon9sa.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform
> However, attempting to run Saxon-SA using
>   java -cp /Applications/oxygen/lib/saxon9sa.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform -sa
> produces this error:
>  "License file saxon-license.lic not found. Running in non-schema-aware mode".
> Is the SA license somehow "built in" to oXygen 10? Is there a way to get
> SA to work from the command line?
> (I have my own individual SA license, and if I copy it to the oXygen
> library then this works:
>   java -cp  /Applications/oxygen/lib/:/Applications/oxygen/lib/saxon9sa.jar \
>   net.sf.saxon.Transform -sa
> but that won't work for other owners of oXygen who do not have a
> separate license for SA.)
> David

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