[oXygen-user] Tab list when Ctrl-Tab (a la NetBeans or Safari)

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jan 12 02:13:06 CST 2009


No, there is no shortcut for moving to the next tab in the left-to-right 
order. You can move to any tab by clicking on the Show List button at 
the right end of the tab title bar or by going to menu Window where all 
the tab titles are listed. We will assign a shortcut to the action of 
the button Show List.


Syd Bauman wrote:
>>> We will consider displaying a list with all the tabs on Ctrl+Tab
>>> in a future version.
> On the same topic, is there a keystroke for moving to the next tab
> left-to-right, instead of in order last visited? If so, where under
> Menu Shortcut Keys could I assign this function? Where could I
> re-assign C-TAB, for that matter?
> Thanks.

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