[oXygen-user] Tab list when Ctrl-Tab (a la NetBeans or Safari)

Florent Georges
Fri Jan 9 08:29:18 CST 2009


  Using Ctrl-Tab in oXygen, one can switch between the various open
editor tabs.  While keeping Ctrl pressed, N hits on Tab will show one
after the other the next N tabs in the tab list order by last recently

  By comparison, NetBeans and Safari behave a little bit differently.
They do not actually change the editor tab until Ctrl is released, but
they display a list with all the tabs instead.  See the following


  I understand this is not good practice to change the interface of an
application, but maybe this would be useful to add such a list in
oXygen, even if the tabs continue to actually change each time Tab is
pressed.  I am used to have a huge amount of open tabs, and this list
helps a lot to quickly figure out where is the tab I am looking for.
This is very useful too when working with 4 or 5 files at the same
time (for instance two XSLT modules, a schema module, a sample of
input and a sample of output, and I don't even speak of XProc :-p.)

  Kind regards,

Florent Georges


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